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  • ·         Growth with Bitcoin and Crypto-currencies
  • ·         A global business
  • ·         No monthly product selling
  • ·         No inventory
  • ·         No Repurchase
  • ·         Different income streams
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Our team is growing everyday with new business partners getting in.
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Bitcoin is changing the world uses money. This is the best time to make your millions with crypto currencies and be a part of a revolution instead of watching it all pass by like an outsider. We give you all the information you need to profit from this.

Bitcoin – The Future

You must be aware of bitcoin by now as it is changing the face of financial transactions all over the world. The topic goes into a lot of depth but I will try to keep things short and simple. Bitcoin is a digital currency which is not regulated by any govt whatsoever but is accepted is most past of the world.

More and more merchants are using bitcoins as a payment options. All this means that you can use them for buying stuff in big stores like you do with normal currency. Only that BTCs has a lot more potential to increase in value than any other traditional currency.

It has already increased manifold in short duration of time

Here is a its growth chart in terms of value or price of a bitcoin in USD. What started at 0.06$ in 2010 is above 2800$ now. That’s a huge increase in value. The currency has already created millionaires and will continue to do so in the future. With all the new concepts, new currencies, new business models that are coming up with this, it has a huge potential.

Acceptance and Legality 

Although Bitcoin is not regularized by any govt. it is legal to buy, sell, trade or use bitcoin in a lot of countries. It is legal with the biggest economic powers such as USA, China, India, Australia, Japan, Canada, Russia and many more

Bitsolives – About the company

BITSOLIVES is a Crypto Technology based company in Valencia, Spain. We are excited about the potential. Bitsolives is jointly owned by Phyllis Lopez and Hadwin Castro who both have a background in working with financial institutions in Mexico & Spain.  

The company offers a secure and reliable trading platform for professional investors, businesses and anyone interested in buying or selling Bitcoins across Europe & Asia.

Mining Technology 

The company is a pioneer in mining technology. A lot of mining companies around the world use this
technology of highly advanced miners which are built for speed mining and fast processing power.  The company’s Hpm – 750 super speed technology is based on Peta hash power speed to help miners get maximum returns for digital mining. This is one of the fastest mining technology available today.

Cryptocurrency Trading 

Bitsolives partnered with another fintech company Bull Infotech which has years of expertise in forex and crypto trading. The company offers its latest trading platform MT4 to clients all over the world to trade in crypto currencies and other equities. The company has all the applications and tools for traders for portfolio management in crypto markets and forex.

Now both retail and professional traders can trade in the best exchanges all over the world.  The exchanges include Bittrex, BTCchina, Kcoin, Kraken, BTCpop and Bitso.

The Business Opportunity 

Bitsolives has combined the potential of Bitcoin with different streams on investment and income to give you an incredible opportunity to earn. You can invest into mining contracts or trading contracts along with powerful referral income program to make profits from the system.

This is also an opportunity to change your life
right here, right now


We have people all over the world getting into our team. There is a greater opportunity for early adapters to position themselves early on and get into the system. We are one of the fastest growing team in the network.

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